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Buzz of ideas


La Ruche was born with the unique idea to revolutionize the blending of new and old talents with luxury.

Tony Dino and Theo Mahy- created La Ruche to be an original bee'hive mixing brands, artists and talents together to make a strong and ever-evolving community.

We are based in Manhattan, the hub of New York City where we have a birds-eye view of the goings-on in the business world. We know this complicated market inside and out having witnessed the strategies that have succeeded in other cities but have failed without apparent reason in New York.

Our goal is to create prestigious events in a prime location to generate exposure in one of the biggest markets in the world. La Ruche is not just for events, less a boutique or art gallery but a workshop for ideas where everyone grows together. It is with our passion and guidance that we give the best we can offer to every client.

La Ruche is a consortium of artists and each creative working with us becomes part of the bee-hive with an everlasting community that never stops operating to produce for its own. Our high energy team offers our clientele a unique adventure and an Atelier Concept Space where everything mixes, produces and generates new trends.

Hovewer we do not only specialize in events promotion. Our expertise is our "savoir-faire" in business branding. Our passion, guidance and skills are honed to illuminate brand developers, no matter how big or how small the brand is. We are here to help you avoid wasting time because we are experts at knowing the key questions to ask and how to get the answers.

La Ruche is a Lifestyle

Stay tuned and follow the bee. You might be surprised at how we dream bigger for you.


Who are we?


Tony Dino and Theo Mahy, friends from Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, were looking to offer a new way of fusion, breaking through the norm by creating unique events in prime locations.

Tony, passionate about the art and mechanics of fine watches and jewelry, embarked on a journey throughout the world to discover new ideas, studying the newest trends. Tony is au courant of every known craftsman, their talents, nuances and inspirations. His mind is a buzz with ideas. Rumor has it that he keeps a little black book, abundant with ideas.

Theo is his perfect business partner. Determined and innovative, a born entrepreneur, Theo graduated with a degree in International Business Law. He is a sommelier as well. A traveler by nature, Theo has fallen in love with NYC and the country beyond the city limits. Theo is a hard worker who, while living in "The City That Never Sleeps", has created several businesses, working closely with a variety of people: artists, chefs, distinguished and up-and-coming professionals, dreamers and rare brands.

And then the story began.